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Amikor a férfi és a nő önmagukkal egyensúlyban vannak, megszületik a TÁNC.



Foglalkozásaim hamarosan indulnak!

Your connection. Your meditation. Your tribe.

'As you pick up the pace and engage the world, you enter a dance. A world in which you live, sets a tone, a rhythm, a pace to which you must dance, no matter  whether you like it or not. The music is set unless you access the power to change it.' 

Do you consider what you feel just as important as what you think in your life?

Are you ready to experience new and creative ways to connect to your inner wisdom and to others?

LEMangURIA® is the sacred and meditative dance between energy and consciousness, a powerful way of changing your life. 

Get engaged and you will learn to create creatively: to open to your feelings, to clear your intentions, to surrender to the flow, and to honour your intuitive guidance.

Ready to connect? I'm looking forward to hear from you.

’For me LEMangURIA®  is the alternative way to live my life and find my own creative solutions and innovative ideas in any set of conditions I experience day by day. ’ Sophia

LEMangURIA® Massage

’All of our cells have a heart and if we love all nucleus glow, our thoughts purify and the self-healing operation of mind and body starts.’

LEMangURIA® massage is a unique hands-on solution to de-stress your life. Through the mild but deeply penetrating strength of its flow one can rejuvenate on various levels; not only the physical pain will be eliminated but also negativity will roll away. 

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